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Guide to the Benefits of Infrared Space Heaters

​Is it unbearably cold in the winter and ridiculously hot during the summer where you live? Is it necessary to have either your cool or heating air conditioning unit running at all times year round?If so, then you are probably concerned with the effect on your wallet when you receive your monthly electricity bill.Did you know […]

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How Do Quartz Infrared Heaters Work?

Innovations in terms of home appliances and heating products have brought an onslaught of inventions including the infrared heaters. At first glance, the term “infrared” can make you do a double take. It sounds like something too advanced and straight out of a science fiction novel. However, in comparison to traditional heaters, infrared heaters have […]

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Cheap Ways to Heat Your Home in Winter

Many people find the winter months a difficult time. The cost of heating your home can add up especially during some of the coldest and bitterest winter months. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some simple and cheap ways to help you heat your home in winter. Before diving into the […]

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How to Keep Warm in Winter

Winter May be Short but Needs Preparation Getting the heating right in your home or workplace is of course and obvious first step and we have dedicated this site to providing as much good advice about the most efficient space heaters you can get in order to achieve this. However, we also want to look […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Space Heater

Personal space heaters work by either heating the surrounding air mass or by using radiant energy to heat people and objects, or via a mixture of both modes. Choosing the best space heater means understanding some of the technical aspects of how heat is generated in portable space heaters.This heating tutorial goes over the pros […]

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Do Space Heaters Really Save Money?

Propane and oil prices are continuously rising, especially during the bitter cold months of the winter. Even central heating that runs off of electric can use more electric than a space heater. Space heaters offer an economical way to supplement the central heating source in small spaces of your home. However space heaters are not […]

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Best Way to Heat a Garage in Winter

In many homes garages are the only place that not are places to park your car but also double as a convenient workshop. But, many garages are also situated on the side of houses, are sometimes single skinned and often have poor insulation. Working in a cold garage can be unpleasant and result in impatience […]

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11 Ways To Effectively Cut Heating Costs This Winter

Who wants to use all their money on heating bills? Most homeowners spend a lot of their hard earned money on heating bills, especially in winter. This is not only because of the price of heating fuel, but also because many homeowners do not take simple steps to manage their heating efficiently. Reducing the heating […]

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